Terms & Conditions


Private Lessons

Private lessons consist of weekly one-hour sessions at a fixed time.


Lessons are payable in advance at the beginning of every month. Invoices are submitted on the 25th of every month.

Weekly private lessons (1hr) – R 1 800.00 / month

Weekly private lessons (1/2hr) – R 1 200.00 / month

Trial period – R 1 200.00

No VAT is charged.

Trial Period

New students are accepted on a “trial” basis for the first four lessons, whereby the student has a chance to decide whether they are happy with the lesson progression and my teaching method while simultaneously affording me the opportunity to determine if the student has the minimum ability and aptitude to continue with lessons.

I don’t run evaluation tests. During this period I assess whether the student has the following:

Personality compatibility – It is important that we get along with each other on a personal level.

An innate sense for music – Being able to determine where the underlying pulse lies within a piece of music and a general aptitude for music.

A healthy attitude towards learning the instrument – gauged by practice habits, attendance and commitment.

Payment Terms

I accept only cash or electronic transfer as payment methods. No credit cards and no cheques are accepted.

You will receive an invoice for the forthcoming month’s lessons on or around the 25th of every month. This amount is payable by the 1st of the upcoming month.

Banking Details

Name: Mechasonic
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Melville
Branch No.: 006105
Account Type: Current Account
Account No. 271357878


Rockschool is Europe’s No. 1 rock music exam board, offering rock musicians the opportunity to get the same qualifications that classical musicians can get. All the graded music exams have original set repertoire, encourage improvisation and have an element of free choice so you can play the music you love AND get a qualification. Exams are held in Johannesburg throughout the year.


Attendance and Annual Schedule

I teach all year round with the following exceptions:

  • Public holidays
  • Long Weekends
  • End of year holidays (16 Dec 2015 – 07 Jan 2016)
  • An additional ‘leave’ period of two weeks during the course of the year. (See below)
  • End of Year Holidays

I am closed for the last two weeks of December and the first week in January. You will be charged for the whole of December and January for your private lessons during these two months.

Students who start lessons in December will only be charged for the lessons they have in December and January.

Leave [Important!]

I will take two week’s leave every year. These two weeks might occur in isolation or in conjunction. You will be notified of this leave period at the beginning of the month in which it occurs. The lessons missed during this period will not be deducted from your monthly fee.

Teacher Cancellations

Some months I may be away or otherwise busy for one or more of your lessons due to unforeseen circumstances that do not fall within the periods outlined above. Whenever possible (i.e. in situations that are not emergencies) I will make you aware of these dates in advance. Lessons missed in this way will be rescheduled at my discretion within 2 weeks or they will become forfeit

Student Cancellations

Due to my busy schedule I am unable to guarantee rescheduling lessons. Lessons you cancel or do not attend will not be deducted from your invoice.

Cancelling Lessons Altogether

If you wish to stop your private lessons, I request that you kindly give me 4 weeks’ notice. You will be invoiced for any weeks beyond your last monthly payment at R420/lesson.

Lengthy Non-Attendance

I will not hold on to your private lesson slot without payment. If you do not attend lessons for periods of two or more consecutive weeks, and do not pay for your lessons during this period, your slot will be advertised as available, and you stand a very real chance of losing it.

Private Guitar Lessons in Emmarentia, Johannesburg.